A Brief Interruption.png

Premiere Date: 2020

Music: Beethoven

Director/Editor: Jen Guy Metcalf

Cast Size: Self-performed solo 

Total Running Time: 1 minute


After the American Dance Festival had to cancel their annual summer intensive and performance season, they have been creating community-oriented video content to continue to engage their audiences while social distancing. One of their virtual dance video festivals was called "The World is Our Stage: 60-Second Video Dance Challenge" sponsored by The Forest at Duke. In an effort to support local creativity and choreographers and to continue engaging audiences, Jodee Nemereichter, the director of the American Dance Festival, invited hand-selected 20 North Carolina choreographers to create a 60-second video dance that was featured during a week-long festival beginning June 8, 2020. Professor Jen Guy Metcalf and I co-created a dance film satire of a Zoom meeting featuring various personalities all performed by myself.