Premiere Date: 2015

Music: Dave Yarwood

Cast Size: 5/6

Total Running Time: 12:30 minutes/45-minutes full length


Blood Moon is the product of my second collaboration with aerial rig operator, Andrew Munro. It investigates the integration of aerial dance and contemporary movement vocabularies to speak on the value of femaleness and personal choice. While the title is rooted in an astrological phenomenon and metaphysical implications, Blood Moon was used as a metaphor for female empowerment that can be unveiled when, even for a moment, there is a push back on invisible, systemic forces that are experienced in the day-to-day.  This research fueled the practice-based investigations that led to a 45-minute dance presented at an old Tobacco warehouse in Durham, NC. This all-female sextet has been described as “somber, heavy, yet serene and light.” After its premiere in June 2015, Blood Moon was later restructured into a 12:30-minute dance without the aerial harnesses in order to submit and be presented in regional festivals.

Photos by PTM