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Premiere Date: 2019

Music: David Yarwood

Cast Size: Self-performed solo 

Total Running Time: 9 1/2 minutes 


Out of the Blue is a 15-minute installation performance integrating my scholarship of teaching and learning in Students as Partners and my artistic scholarship. It is a practice in spontaneous and community- partnered dance making. The movement could not exist without input from the viewers, nor could the performance without their presence in the room. It is a practice in transparency, and it attempts to decenter the roles of the performer and audience in a fun and entertaining way. This dance was a part of a cohesive production I curated, produced, and directed that featured four other self-performed solos from local choreographers known for their commitment to exploration. 

Out of the Blue is the first of three new solo installations I created with the specific goal to engage audiences in innovative and unpredictable modes of viewing dance. I investigated how spatial justice, liminality, and embodied knowledge can create inclusive spaces in movement- making practices. Liminality is the in-between spaces where transformation happens. Spatial justice integrates social justice and space, while embodied knowledge focuses on how the body intuitively knows how to act. This was the beginning of a shift in my practice-based research from a project-based company with varied outcomes to a concept-driven agenda where each original dance has a unified and specific projected outcome. 

Photo by Stephanie Leathers