"Aumiller’s “Blood Moon” offered an evocative evening of dance"

- Susan Broili, The Herald Sun


"Aumiller uses aerialism here for legitimate reasons, as a way to vivify the big thoughts her work embodies" 

- Kate Dobbs Ariail, CVNC


"The harnesses the dancers flew in were used to explore the uncertain line between freedom and limitation, privilege and restraint dichotomies that could map onto many contexts" * 

- Brian Howe, INDY WEEK

RAW Tommy.jpg

"Aumiller’s sense of humor and her inventive movements made her solo great fun to watch" 

- Susan Broili, Susan Broili Arts 


"Renay Aumiller's dances are tethered to the celestial. As a choreographer, she works to make visible the line that connects us to what’s beyond" 

- Michaela Dwyer, INDY Week

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"RAW clearly showed what thoughtfully cultivated relationships can look like and achieve, a lesson that even emerging artists could learn from. More, please" 

- Byron Woods, INDY Week


"A compelling, thought-provoking theater experience"

- Susan Broili, Susan Broili Arts