2013 Pretty.Ugly.ChrisWaltPhotography_

Premiere Date: 2013

Music: Album Leaf

Cast Size: 2

Total Running Time: 7 1/2 minutes 


Fail/Safe is a duet extracted from a larger body of work called Pretty/Ugly that investigates cultural binaries. Specifically, it highlighted good/gad, male/female, control/freedom, conventional/unconventional, and pretty/ugly. Fail/Safe was our experiment with gender stereotypes and ways to practice gender expansiveness. Our goal with this dance is to witness and celebrate the gray areas between each extreme opposite: to perhaps find beauty in the unfamiliar. This was accomplished by choreographing a duet in which the movement relied heavily on the man lifting, carrying, and overall supporting the woman. The creative research was traditionally approached and composed using classical modern choreography techniques. We then, however, performed the same movement vocabulary with shifted gender roles, so the woman was lifting, carrying, and overall supporting the man. This structure was supported by a sound score that was retrograded for the gender role-reversal to heighten the distinction between the two approaches.