Premiere Date: 2019

Music: Alphaville and Billie Eilish

Cast Size: Self-performed solo

Total Running Time: 8 minutes


Release Me is a self-performed installation solo is an audience- participatory commentary on climate change that involves an 18-foot handmade skirt out of plastic shopping bags. The dance began by inviting the audience members to hold on to the ends of the skirt, offering the option to move the skirt however they wish. I got in the skirt and moved only my upper body, responding skeletally to the musical rhythm of the 1980’s classic song Forever Young by Alphaville. Phenomenally, the audience chose to work together and move the skirt in unison up and down, in a wave, as if it were a gym-class parachute. I then wiggled underneath the skirt and, as the audience continued to parachute the plastic-bag skirt, I danced underneath. The skirt would fall on top of me, covering me in plastic, then wave above me where the audience could only get glimpses of my movement. I invited a few audience members to move underneath the parachute with me, then I joined those who were holding and manipulating the skirt while 5-7 multi-generational audience members continued to dance under the skirt. The ending was, on my cue, to simultaneously release the plastic-bag skirt in the air where it astoundingly covered the viewers stage right, as if to allude that none of us are safe from the effects of climate change.