Photos by Josh Allen


Premiere Date: 2014

Music: Dawn Golden

Cast Size: Self-performed solo

Total Running Time: 6 minutes


Sink or Swim is a self-performed solo I created in collaboration with aerial rig operator, Andrew Munro. This was our first collaboration together and inspired the creation of two future choreography presentations that we developed together.  The movement research explored how aerial dance can heighten a conceptually driven piece of choreography. Generally,  aerial performances are focused on tricks and impressive maneuvers. With Sink or Swim, we wanted to use the harness to accentuate an underwater atmosphere in which the performer was trying to reach the surface of the water but was being dragged down to the bottom of the body of water. The performance took place in an intimate Blackbox theater where the audience was situated very close to the performance. This enhanced the embodied experience for both the performer and audience. The outcome was a rather unique partnership in that the support was initiated from a human being but translated through a mechanical rig apparatus that had complete control of the momentum and movement initiation. The performer had very little control of her movement outcomes, and a tension between control came to the forefront of the experience.