Photos captured at the 2019 The Bell House’s EXCHANGE Choreography Festival


Premiere Date: 2016

Music: Excerpts from Imogen Heap, Quantarro/Sartori, and Queen

Cast Size: 2

Total Running Time: 10 minutes 


As a practice-based artist, there is ample time spent in the dance studio, and my most recent creative research involves a partnership with everyone involved in the creative process. The Biggest Fan is partnership in that the performers were asked to integrate their authentic personalities and characters into the narrative of the dance. There is dialogue, humor, laughter, surprises, drama, frustration, and many failed attempts at movement that the audience just never sees. These are the most fulfilling aspects of a rehearsal process because of the authenticity in responses. This humanity is not often successfully translated onto the stage. The Biggest Fan is an attempt to blend a rehearsal process of a dance with a performance piece. It is a satire of a rehearsal process for a danced duet. Through a mixture of text, vignettes, and well-known songs, this duet humorously exaggerates the act of performing in a meta-cognizant presentation.